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Day 1

Let’s just jump into this Ivory Caps review! On my first day of taking the pills, since they came in the afternoon, I only took 4 of them that day with 1,000 mg of vitamin c. I was planning on taking six of them a day, since on the bottle it said that that was the maximum dosage per day. I also read on the official site that it can take longer for people with darker skin tones to see results, so I wanted to ensure that I would have maximum results.

My skin when I started was pretty dark, for me. Summer just ended and fall was beginning. I still had my summertime tan, and like a stated in my previous blog post, my goal with Ivory Caps and glutathione was to get back to my original “peachy-caramel” complexion. I also had quite a few breakouts on my face and some dark marks from old acne scars. To make it easier to visualize here is a picture of me on the first day.


first day pic edit 2


Week 2

After a few days of taking six Ivory Caps a day, I started to do the math on that. I was quickly running out of pills because you only get 60 per bottle. At that time I started to alternate days and take 4 on some and 6 on others to make the pills spread further. My skin seemed to be doing a bit better as far as evening out and even getting a bit lighter, but I didn’t see a decrease in my acne yet. It didn’t get any worse, but it hadn’t improved yet either. The skin improvement seemed to be a bit slow and gradual.

Another thing that I began to notice was improvement in my overall health. I eyesight started to get sharper! When I was little I had 20/20 eyesight but that started to decrease a bit. I didn’t need glasses or anything, but my sight was as sharp as it used to be.

After taking the Ivory Caps pills for just 2 weeks, I noticed that I was able to see things further in the distance clearly and I could read small text without having to squint my eyes. I also noticed a great boost in energy. Before, I would sometimes have to take naps in the afternoon to recharge; after 2 weeks of Ivory Caps, I didn’t feel the need for that power nap. I believe that this is because glutathione flushes out the toxins that build up in the body. Without all of those pollutants floating around in my body, I felt so much better and had a lot more energy.

Just to see if there had been any progress, I decided to take some more pictures. This time I took some side views as well. Like before these photos are cropped to protect my identity but are not altered in any other ways.

week 2 side viewweek2frontviewweek 2 side view 2

Month 1

Ok, we’re at the one month mark of this Ivory Caps Review. At this point, I started to see an improvement in my acne. I was also still taking the same dosage of the Ivory Caps pills, taking 6 some days and 4 on others. There was still quite a bit of breakouts, but my skin was starting to get clearer.

With my skin lightening up, I started to notice the dark mark more that were left from the old acne scars. Before while my skin was darker, they didn’t show up as much, but once my skin started to lighten up due to the glutathione in Ivory Caps, they were way more visible. This isn’t a defect of Ivory Caps or glutathione; it’s just a fact of the matter.

So far I can tell that there has definitely been a change in my skin tone and a bit of improvement in my skin texture. One day my father even asked me what was I doing to my skin because it was looking a lot better. I just told him that I starting to concentrate more on good skin care. He told me to keep up whatever I was doing because it was working. Needless to say, that made me feel pretty good that day!


Well, I don’t have any photo updates for this post . . . Just kidding! Of course I do. I made sure to take photos for every update so that I could track my progress. I wanted to make sure that my investment in myself was paying off. Well here are the photos so that you can judge the results for yourself!

Month 1 side view

Month 1 front view

Month 1 side view 2

Month 2

Alright, when entering month two I made some changes to my Ivory Caps regimen. I wanted to maximize my results, so I decided to purchase the Vitamin C Brightening Plus pills. I checked Ivory Caps official site, and it said that using these in conjunction with the Ivory Caps pills can optimize results. Taking these is optional though; I’m sure that they will work even without them. Just look back at my previous photos for proof.

I was really interested in seeing more results in clearing up my acne, and I thought that the Vitamin C Brightening Plus pills were just the ticket. I also started taking just 4 of the Ivory Caps per day. This must have been a winning combination for me because my acne FINALLY started to clear up. My skin was looking brighter and lighter than ever! The only downside is that my old acne scars aren’t lightening up as fast as the rest of the skin on my face, so they are more noticeable than they were before I started this regimen. They are starting to lighten up though, which is a HUGE plus!

Alright, here’s the next round of photos!

Month 2 side view

Month 2 front view

Month 2 side view 2

Month 3

I’ve finally reached the 3 month mark! My Ivory Caps journey thus far has been one of trial and error. Finding the right balance for your body is key. For me, taking a combination of 2 Vitamin C Brightening Plus pills, 4 Ivory Caps pills, with juice was what worked best for my body. I also drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep myself hydrated.

One important point that I should mention for those who maybe have taken Ivory Caps consistently and didn’t see results is that glutathione doesn’t work for everyone. Some people may have thyroid problems or other health issues that would render the pills ineffective. That being said, for someone who hasn’t tried them yet, I wouldn’t let other people’s criticisms or doubts about the product dissuade me from trying to lighten, brighten, and or whiten my skin through this natural method.

Any hoo, here is my final update pic!

Month 3

The Bottom Line

I’m pretty much happy with my results overall. I’ve lost most of my tan, and my skin tone is evening out. My health has improved. My eyesight has gotten so much better, and the list goes on and on! Now, would I recommend Ivory Caps and glutathione to others; that’s a resounding “Yes!” I love these vitamins, and I plan to take a maintenance dose to ensure that my skin, eyes, and body remain healthy!

Tips For Optimal Results

Here is a list of my top 5 tips for having optimal results if you are considering taking Ivory Caps!

  1. Be consistent! Make sure that you take your regimen daily.
  2. Be patient! Ivory Caps and glutathione work gradually. This is not an overnight miracle, but they will work as long as you give it time.
  3. Find the right regimen for you! At first I was taking too many pills a day, and the glutathione was just flushing out of my system instead of staying in my body. You have to find the right combination for your body, and this process may take some trial and error.
  4. Take the Ivory Caps with vitamin c! I know that the site says that you don’t necessarily have to do this, and you don’t, but to ensure that the glutathione remains in my system and doesn’t just oxidize, I always take my regimen with vitamin c. I’ll take the pills with juice that has 100% vitamin c.
  5. These can be a bit pricey, so get the most Ivory Caps for your money by following this link! This is where I purchase mine.


Ok, thank you so much for reading my review, and I truly hope that you found it informative and helpful! I wish you all the best on your skin care journey!

10 thoughts on “Ivory Caps Review

  1. Reply Gift Mar 12,2015 3:15 pm

    Pls how much is the ivory capsule?

    • Reply Jessica May 7,2015 11:06 am

      Hello! You can find the current price for Ivory Caps by clicking on any of the links that I’ve left for them throughout my site. I don’t want to put a price in this response because depending on when you actually read this, the price could have changed by then. One of those links would be the best way to get an accurate current price. I hope this helps!

  2. Reply geets Mar 2,2015 8:42 am

    Could you plse tell me jessica which ones are better for skin lightening I’m stuck. Pink or blue. Wht’s the difference plse

  3. Reply Mario Escobar Jan 21,2015 12:13 am

    Hi I did take (excuse my english) 3 bottles of Ivory Caps 1500, but I always forget to do it daily, took me like 6 months to finish the 3 bottles, but all the dark spots of my face were gone. good product, i did have 2 big dark spots in my face. not anymore

    • Reply Jessica Feb 17,2015 6:20 pm

      Hello Mario,

      I like to hear stories of other people’s success with taking glutathione! Thank you for leaving your comment; I appreciate it!

  4. Reply charly Dec 13,2014 3:21 am

    Hi Jessie can u pls add me on Facebook with this Name (char Ly). Because i Can’t find u with ur Name Jessica Collins. There is alot of People on Facebook using the Name. Tnx in advance

  5. Reply charly Nov 13,2014 9:06 am

    Hi Jessie, which Name r u using on Facebook?

  6. Reply Tamika B Aug 4,2013 7:00 pm

    Hi there. I just recently purchased Ivory Capps a few days ago and i plan to start my taking them very soon. The information and pictures you gave were very helpful with my doubt about if Ivory Capps really worked. I must admit I was a little skeptical about taking them but I now feel better after seeing your results. I am also a skin care consultant who specializes in skin brightening and i wanted to share a few helpful tips with you that will increase the effects of ivory capps. You might want to invest in a few glycolic skin peel to help lighten up the darker spots and salicytic peels to decrease the acne breakouts. I think that you will benefit greatly from both. Chemical peels done professionally can be a bit pricey but are so worth it!! I’ve been doing them for years and my skin is flawless it’s just that over time and sun exposure has won! Thanks.

    • Reply Jessica Aug 25,2013 11:08 am

      Thanks for the comment; I’ve actually tried a salicylic peel before, and it made my dark marks even darker. I have very sensitive skin, so I can’t really use things like that. I have found another product that is doing wonders for clearing up my old acne scars and dark marks. Many of the ones you see in these pictures are gone now! I’ll do an update post soon about it!

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